Landry's Select Club® - Terms and Conditions

Landry's Select Club® ("Club") membership is open to all individuals 16 years of age or older legally residing in the United States and countries that legally permit participation. The program is intended for individual use only (the “Member”). One membership card will be issued per account to the Member, and each individual is only allowed one membership.

Members shall be bound by all the terms and conditions contained herein and by all applicable laws. All discrepancies in program terms and/or conditions shall be determined at the sole discretion of Landry's, Inc ("Landry's"). Federal and state tax liabilities, if any, shall be the sole responsibility of the Club member. Information collected from Members is subject to Landry’s Privacy Policy, located at Privacy Policy. By applying for enrollment in, and participating in the Club, you are agreeing that we may use your information as described in our Privacy Policy. You are also agreeing to review these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy regularly so that you can make informed decisions about your participation in the Club and the personal information you choose to share with us.

Members earn one point for every dollar spent on food, beverage, retail items and gift cards purchased at participating Landry's outlets. Laws from certain states may prohibit accumulation of points on alcoholic beverage purchases. Promotional point offers, including double or bonus points, may be subject to restrictions and black-out dates at the Club's discretion. Points are not earned when a gift card is redeemed. Points are not earned on the purchase of gift cards if purchased from a 3rd party (ie. Costco).

The following locations are not included in the program: Mastro’s Restaurants, Chick-fil-A in Galveston, IHOP in Galveston, Yak & Yeti Quick Serve, Build-A-Bear®, Build-A-Dino®, Paleo Zone at T-REX Cafe, Morton's (Saratoga, NY location), Rainforest Cafe (Niagara Falls location), Morton's Grille (Niagara Falls location), Cadillac Bar (George Bush Intercontinental Airport location), Landry’s Seafood (George Bush Intercontinental Airport location), Joe's Crab Shack (Aurora, CO; Westminster, CO; Mesquite, TX; Beaumont, TX; Columbus, OH; Cedar Hill, TX; Austin Town Lake, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; Des Moines, IA; Fairfax, VA; Newport, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; San Antonio Quarry, TX locations only), Brick House Tavern and Tap (Parker, CO; Cuyahoga Falls, OH; Willow Grove, PA; Methuen, MA; Chesterfield, MO; Austin, TX; Grapevine, TX; Houston-290, TX; Houston-249, TX; Plano, TX; San Antonio, TX), Mitchell's Fish Market (Pittsburgh-Homestead location), McCormick & Schmick's (Pittsburgh - South Side Flats location), Palm Restaurant (JFK International Airport location), and International locations (except Toronto, Edmonton and British Columbia in Canada) are not included in this program.

No more than 3,000 points may be earned by a member in a single day. Members may not split checks on large parties or banquets in order to acquire points beyond the daily maximum. No points will be awarded for deposits on banquets, room or equipment rental charges or service fees. Members are eligible to earn points for group events held at our participating restaurants provided they are enrolled in the program prior to booking the event. You may earn a maximum of 3,000 points in a single day for group events. Points cannot be earned in conjunction with discounted or promotional group menus, with any other special group offer (including AAA or AARP), employee discount or any other designated offer, discount, bulk gift card purchases, promotion or dollar-off, limited-time promotion. Points cannot be earned for group events that are held at any of our hotels, resorts or casinos. Points will only be issued to the Landry's Select Club® member who pays the bill. Cards purchased after the event is booked are not eligible to earn points.

Rewards may be used for food and beverage purchases and take out orders. Rewards may also be used on retail purchases at participating Landry's outlets. Rewards may not be used to purchase gift cards, gift certificates, rides or games. Rewards may not be used for tax or gratuity and in some states alcohol purchases. Rewards are issued, and must be used, in $25 increments. In addition, there is no carry-over balance for any used rewards; therefore, if member's purchase is for less than the reward amount, the remaining unused reward amount will be forfeited. Birthday Rewards cannot be used on the same visit when a Welcome Reward is redeemed.

Earned Rewards: For every 250 points earned, a $25 reward will be available to the member. Rewards are earned in 250 point increments and will be awarded in $25 increments. Any points earned over the reward amount will remain in the account and continue to accumulate until the next $25 reward is earned. Once the member's account balance reaches 250 points or more, the member will receive an email informing him or her of the $25 reward. The reward will automatically be added to member's card and applied at member's next visit, unless the member elects to defer receipt of the reward online by selecting the reward deferral option. Members may defer rewards up to a maximum reward total of $300 (3,000 points). As long as $300 in rewards are in the account, no additional rewards will be issued. The reward may be used in any dollar amount up to the value of rewards in the member's account; however, since there is no carry-over balance, any unused reward amount will be lost.

Once a member elects to defer a reward, all subsequent rewards will be deferred until such time that the member goes back online and elects to enable the reward. In order to enable the reward, the member must log into their online account and click the Enable Reward button. This will result in all rewards being enabled (undeferred).

Members' election to execute the deferral option will not extend the expiration period of the Earned Rewards. The Earned Rewards will expire 12 months from the date of issuance even if the rewards are deferred.

Birthday Reward: Members will earn a $25 reward on the first day of their birthday month that can be redeemed anytime during their birthday month. Birthday Rewards will automatically be applied on your first visit to the restaurant during your birthday month, unless you select to defer the reward. Birthday Rewards expire on the 15th of the month following your birthday month; if you defer your Birthday Reward it will expire on the 15th if unused. If a member joins and registers during their birthday month, the Birthday Reward will automatically be added to the account 24 hours after account registration. Regardless of account registration date, the Birthday Reward will expire on the 15th of the following month.

Club members are eligible for priority seating (based on availability). Members receive seating privileges seven days a week, for parties of six or less. Priority seating on a walk-in basis ensures member quick attention and the first available table for a party of your size. Member's Club card must be presented to the host/hostess to utilize this privilege. Reservations are preferred where accepted, especially at any Morton's The Steakhouse, McCormick & Schmick's, Chart House, Oceanaire, Muer or Signature Group restaurant.

All points are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, and all Earned Rewards are valid for 12 months from the date issued. Unused points and Earned Rewards will expire 12 months from the date of issue or the date of reward, as applicable. Birthday Rewards expire on the 15th of the month following the birthday month. Expired points and rewards will not be extended or reinstated.

A non-refundable one time membership fee is required to join the Club. Members will begin earning points with their first purchase. Membership fee is $25 and can be purchased at any one of Landry's participating locations or online at Points are not earned for the $25 membership fee.

If a membership is purchased at a participating location, the member must go online after the purchase to register the card and to provide the member's name and contact information. Upon activation, the member will be awarded a $25 Welcome Reward, which is available for redemption 24 hours after activation. Welcome Rewards are not eligible for deferral and will automatically be applied on the member's first visit to the restaurant following registration. If a membership card is lost or stolen prior to activation, the member should immediately call the Club and submit the proof of purchase. A replacement card will be issued immediately.

For memberships purchased online, members will receive their Club card, loaded with the $25 Welcome Reward, in the mail within 10 days. Prior to receiving their membership card, members may present their telephone number at participating locations and begin earning points 2 business days after joining the Club. If a member wishes to earn points prior to waiting the required 2 business days, the membership card should be purchased at a participating restaurant. The Welcome Reward cannot be deferred and will automatically be applied on member's next visit.

Membership card does not need to be presented to earn points or redeem rewards. In lieu of the membership card, members may provide the phone number identified in their account registration to earn points at the time of purchase. If Rewards are being redeemed, member will also be required to show valid ID. Only the member to whom the membership card is issued may earn points or redeem Rewards. The member must be paying for the food and beverage to earn points. Membership cards are issued to individuals only, not businesses or other entities or groups. Club points are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.

Points can only be earned at the time of purchase. Point updates for a restaurant transaction are computer generated. No points will be awarded for any guest receipt or other proof of purchase presented after the time of visit.

Members must provide a valid email address and other information to register their account. The information provided during registration will not be sold or given to third parties (except for use for administration of the Club). By registering as a Club member, member accepts these program rules as they may be modified from time to time and published at Each time member participates in the program in any manner (earning points, redeeming rewards, accessing the website, etc.) member agrees to the current published rules. In addition, by registering as a Club member, member consents to receiving periodic emails and account balance information from the Club. Members may unsubscribe to these email notices, but the Club will not be able to inform such members about Club benefits, send reminders about member's points and rewards or provide other important Club information. Member is responsible for making any needed account information updates (email address, personal information, etc.). The birthdate that you provide at time of registration cannot be changed. Exclusive offers, promotions and program updates will be emailed to members, and Club is not responsible for lost, delayed or undeliverable email.

To ensure delivery of Landry's Select Club® emails to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders), please add [email protected] to your address book. Individuals are only allowed one membership. Multiple accounts by the same person are not allowed and will be terminated.

Landry's is not liable for points or rewards lost due to fraudulent or unauthorized use, whether resulting from a lost card or otherwise. Illegal, fraudulent or other unauthorized use of Club card, or other activity inconsistent with these terms and conditions, will result in termination of membership and/or forfeiture of earned points and/or rewards. Multiple accounts by the same person are prohibited and will be terminated. Landry's reserves the right to audit membership accounts at any time.

In the event of a lost or stolen card, upon notification, the Club will send the member a replacement membership card. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Club is not responsible for lost points or rewards associated with lost or stolen membership cards. Landry's also reserves the right to charge $5.00 for replacement of membership cards.

Landry's reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the program terms, conditions and rewards without notice, or to terminate the program at any time upon 30 days' notice. Landry's reserves the right to change membership fees or membership requirements and benefits at any time. In the event the program is discontinued, any rewards earned prior to the member receiving notice shall be redeemable for a period of 30 days after issuance of notice of discontinuation of the program.

Landry's reserves the right to revoke or deny membership into the Landry's Select Club.  All offers and events are subject to change or cancellation at management's discretion.

If you are a California or Virginia resident and wish to make a request pursuant to the CCPA or the VCDPA respectively, for the deletion of all your personal information, please note that your participation in the Landry’s Select Club will be terminated, and all points and rewards will be forfeited concurrent with deleting your personal information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may elect to rejoin the Landry’s Select Club in the future, subject to your acceptance of the Club terms and conditions, including, without limitation, consenting to the collection of your personal information as provided herein. At such time that you so elect to rejoin, you will be required to pay the then current membership fee.  

Landry's further reserves the right to change restaurants and other participating locations at any time.

Employees of Landry's and their spouses are ineligible for Club membership. Accounts identified as such will be immediately invalidated.

Landry's, through subsidiaries and affiliates, operates more than 500 dining, hospitality, amusement and gaming establishments under various brands, including among others, Rainforest Cafe, Saltgrass Steak House, Landry's Seafood, Mastro’s, McCormick & Schmick's, Charley's Crab, Chart House, Morton's The Steakhouse, Willie G's, Vic & Anthony's, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Grotto, La Griglia, Brenner's Steakhouse, Brenner's on the Bayou, Yak & Yeti, T-REX Cafe, Aquarium Restaurants, Claim Jumper, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Rusty Pelican, Joe’s Crab Shack, Brick House Tavern + Tap, Kemah Boardwalk, Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, and Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.


Landry’s Select Club (“LSC”) is offering the bitcoins points program (the “Bitcoin Program”) as an alternative rewards option to the current reward system. Members may elect to opt in to Bitcoin Program or, at their option, remain in the current rewards system. Members opting into the Bitcoin Program, will not be permitted to opt out until June 6, 2022, following which, members may elect to revert back to the traditional LSC rewards system or stay in the Bitcoin Program.

Bitcoin points are not bitcoin.  Members do not own any bitcoin as a result of participation in the Bitcoin Program.  Bitcoin point values track the market price of bitcoin.  As an example, if the market price of bitcoin has increased 10% between the time a member has earned bitcoin points and the time of conversion of such bitcoin points into rewards, such bitcoin points will also have increased in value by 10% during such time frame.  Such member will be able to convert such appreciated bitcoin points into rewards with a value of an additional 10%.  Conversely, if the market price of bitcoin has decreased by 10% during such period, such bitcoin points will also have decreased in value by 10%. Such member will only be able to convert such depreciated bitcoin points into rewards with a value of 90% of the value of the bitcoin points at the time they were originally earned.

Each member will be responsible for making an election to convert their bitcoin points into rewards.  Rewards will remain in $25 increments and once a reward is created, it is no longer subject to market price fluctuations of bitcoin. The market price of bitcoin is supplied by a third party, NYDIG Platform Solutions LLC. LSC is not responsible for market price fluctuations of bitcoin or corresponding fluctuations in value of bitcoin points.  Any losses by a member on bitcoin points due to fluctuation in the market price of bitcoin will not be the responsibility of LSC and will not be refunded.  Golden Nugget Casinos, Landry’s owned or operated independent hotels, international locations, Mastro’s, Houlihan’s, Build-A-Bear and Build-A-Dino locations are not participating in the bitcoin points rewards pilot.  Visit for a complete list of participating locations.  Bitcoin points will not expire at any time prior to June 6, 2022.  Beginning June 6, 2022, a reasonable expiration period will be determined, in LSC’s discretion, for both previously earned bitcoin points as well as bitcoin points earned in the future. Members participating in the Bitcoin Program are limited to having $1,000 in rewards available for use at any one time. Once a member has $1,000 in rewards available for use they may continue to earn bitcoin points, but no additional points may redeemed for rewards until the member has used their available rewards brining their total available rewards back below the $1,000 maximum. The use of rewards is also limited to $1,000 per transaction. The current individual state rules for the redemption and earning of rewards on liquor, beer, and wine will continue to be applied to the earning and redemption of bitcoin points.  Bitcoin points may only be redeemed for Landry’s Select Club rewards and are not transferable outside of Landry’s Select Club. A $5 bitcoin points bonus is awarded upon opt-in.  All bitcoin points rewards are processed via the LSC consumer mobile app. The mobile app is available for download from the Apple Store for iPhone and Google store for Android devices, respectively.  The most recent version of the app must be downloaded prior to an LSC member’s earning of bitcoin points reward.  An email to opt-in to the bitcoin points rewards program will be sent to interested members.  Landry’s reserves the right to amend and supplement these terms and conditions at any time.  Landry’s further reserves the right to alter or cancel the Bitcoin Program at any time.  In the event that the Bitcoin Program is cancelled, members participating in the Bitcoin Program will receive traditional LSC points equal to the then current value of their bitcoin points.

All Locations for Catch(including Catch Seafood, Catch Steak, Catch Lexington), Houlihan’s, Bristol Seafood, and Devon Seafood are not included in this program.

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